Diaper Cover

A latest diaper cover series from Greennappy. Made with passion for perfection, stamp with love, sealed with a kiss...

Has been tested and improved for more than 5 months before production to ensure total satisfaction for the customer.

1) Free from potentially dangerous chemical like Dioxin, SAP gel, TBT (see more here)

1) No leakage, cover made from laminated polyester, waterproof but breathable
2) Double gussets to prevent leakage even when sleep on side.
3) Adjustable rise.
4) Two rows of waist snap. First row for tummy size and Second row for leg size.
5) Cross over tab in wing closure (both snap and velcro type). This will enable NVme® to be used by very small baby (even premature baby can wear NVme®). This cross over tab is also useful to lock dirty diaper when you roll it.
6) Come with "innovative stay dry mushroom soaker", signature from Greennappy, fluffy and comfortable for baby, stay dry, will not rolled/moving (work well even for active baby). One mushroom can absorb 220ml liquid.
7) Can be used with any possible soaker at your home, prefold, small towel, biodegradable pad when you're on travel, etc.

Money Saving:
1) Long lasting, Use it over and over again, from newborn till toiled trained.
2) Save more money, use the cover 2-3x, just change with clean mushroom when no "explosion".

1) Super trim, look at the back, no baggy look like other brand.
2) Stylish chic look with bold lining

Eco friendly:
1) Washable and reusable.

Available in 2 version:
1) Snap
2) Velcro / Hook & Loop (with laundry tab)

Outer Cover :
Solid Color : Polyester fabric hot laminated with Polyurethane and a Polyester net - safe for washing machine spin process (TPU)
Printed Minky : Polyester minky hot laminated with Polyurethane (TPU)
Nickel free colorful snap
The Mushroom Soaker:
Lining : Stay Dry Microfleece
Soaker : 4 layer super absorbent microfiber, capacity 220ml liquid

General Wash/Care:
  • Separate cover and soaker
  • Keep your dirty diapers in a dry pail, don't soaked overnight
  • Gentle wash with 1/3 - 1/2 dose of non-additive bio-degradable detergent. Don't use dishwasher, bath soap, shampoo, hand soap.
  • Don't use bleach, fabric softener/dryer sheet, don't dry clean
  • Don't tumble dry cover.
  • Hang dry.
  • Don't iron

Tips for leaking problem:
  • Make sure the leg is properly fit.
  • Is your NVme® unit is new? How many times you already wash the diaper and the soaker? Microfiber soaker need at least 3x wash and dry to reach optimal absorbency and bamboo/hemp soaker need at least 8x wash and dry to reach optimal absorbency.
  • Check the mushroom soaker is it fully wet or not, if it is leaking but the mushroom soaker is not fully wet, maybe the inner/soaker is blocked with dirt and oil come from detergent residue/rash cream/fabric softener. You need to do stripping.
  • Both disposable diaper and NVme® need to be replaced with new clean mushroom every 2.5 - 3 hours during the day or immediately when soiled. For night time and heavy wetter use Greennappy Classic / MikiWili pants which you can add more than 1 soaker if your estimated child pee is more than 220ml liquid.
  • Balance the soaker capacity with the liquid taken by child in certain hours: how many bottle of milk/liquid that your child drink during that time, you may need to increase the absorbency by adding more soaker. Just don't make it too bulky for your child to keep active and happy. Remember mom this is 100% washable so it is OK for you to change the diaper as often as you want without any additional cost.

Stripping (only do this when really required as this will ruin your diaper if you do it too often):
  • Stripping is cleaning the diaper from oil, dirt and detergent residue that blocked the breathable pores.  Just wash the diaper and soaker with 1 table spoon of sodium bicarbonate, 1 table spoon of white vinegar and warm water not more than 60C. Then washed it only with 1 table spoon of white vinegar and then washed it couple time only with warm water.

Color Choice with bold edge and contrast colorful snap (special sandwich PUL*, long lasting PUL it will still look new even after 7 months and no polyurethane touching baby skin!):

1.Red Ladybug
2.Choco on Black
3.Yellow Mango
4.Baby Purple
5.Lemon Grass
6.Forrest Green
8.Royal Blue
9. Shocking Pink (new!)

Cute PUL Minky Printed Minky Choice with bold edge and matched colorful snap (it will become softer in every washed):
2.Baby Cow
3.Baby Dalmatian
4.White Tiger
5.Yellow Tiger
6. Brown Tiger
8. Jaguar
9. Blue Jaguar
10. Zebra
11. Red Dalmatian
12. Camouflage Green
13. Camouflage Red
14. Emerald

New!!! Soft and Cute Polyester PUL Printed with bold edge and matched colorful snap :
1. Baseball
2. Blue Elephant Giraffe
3. Little Lion
4. Squares
5. Black Circle

Click on it to see individual photo, or go to NVme facebook to see the photo gallery and like it!


What's in the package?
1pc NVme cover
2pc Mushroom
Paper belt contain fitting instruction, tips, wash/care instruction

Where to buy
If you are in Indonesia, find the nearest NVme retailer by clicking here, we are available in 33 cities in Indonesia. Or if you got difficulty or overseas, please send email to info@nv-me.co we will very happy to hear from you.

*Sandwich PUL is a 3 layer PUL cover (Polyester fabric + Polyurethane Laminate + Polyester net). It is a super long lasting fabric.

NVme™ is a registered trademark no D00.2011.031819, D00.2011.031821
NVme™ design is registered A00.2011.02672 and protected by law. No duplication allowed! You fall in love and want to copy it? Well, you better only envy it.
God gives us heart and brain, you can create your own masterpiece.