NVme® is come from Greennappy®, sister brand of MikiWili®.
Under the same value Trust – Honesty – Commitment, focusing on eco friendly baby & mother products, balancing between nature and technology.

What is NVme® mean?
NVme® means:
1) New Version of Me
2) It's mean Envy me. Why? because I am super trim and cool diaper :)

What in the logo....
In the logo itself, the hand holding the red heart on the V letter symbolize love and jealousy.

NVme® Design Theme
NVme® design will always hip, sexy and mysteriously chic. It has a mission to make you in love, crazy with it and to invite envy jealousy from other. NVme® will be eye catching when wear and implicitly say "Hey, don't copy my design, I am already patented, just envy me"

Try NV and you will love it too.