NVme Cloth Feminine Pad

NVme launched a new sexy Cloth Feminine Pad.
Designed from mom to all other mom, to all wife, to all bachelorette, to all most loved teenage daughter...

It is safe and reduce potentially dangerous chemical (no Dioxin, no SAP gel, no TBT), 100% washable and reusable. No need to worry with stain, stain is very easy to be removed by rinse it with water when you're having bath.

It is fantastically long wear (proven 6 hours wear without any leak) and stay dry, much more comfortable than disposable feminine pad.

The super cute print will make you fall in love and hard to choose.
It's a long lasting choice, can be used for more than 2 years. A super economical choice.

Curious? Check the product detail here and photo by clicking here.

Give it a try, contact the nearest NVme retailer. This hot item is available mid October 2011.